Dolphin Body Massager China

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  • Powerful handheld Massager Hammer
  • Optional 2-level Vibrate
  • Speed: High and Low
  • Works by tapping-vibrating mode and long-distance infrared ray
  • Infra-red and warming light to give out a heat therapy
  • Speed-up Fat Burning, Blood Circulation
  • Build-up Immunity Function
  • Infrared Ray, Magnetic Therapy & Hammering Massage Service

In stock

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Dolphin Body Massager


A dolphin massager is a sleek vibrating massager in the shape of a dolphin

These massagers provide powerful vibrations that pierce deep into the muscles to relieve tension and pain. These massagers plug into the wall straight, meaning there is no need to replace batteries, and they are always prepared to use. Most dolphin massagers also have velocity controls that make it possible for the user to discover an environment that works best for them. Many individuals like to change the velocity according to which group of muscles they are using the massager. Ideal for use on the back, shoulders, neck, and feet, these massagers. In each of these fields, learning how to use a dolphin massager is a wonderful way for the user to make sure they get the most out of their massager.

How to Use a Dolphin Massager to Relieve Back Pain

Dolphin massagers are perfect for relieving back pain, even in typically hard-to-reach regions such as the center of the back or between the blades of the shoulder. These massagers use the dolphin’s tail as a lengthy, slender handle, unlike many back massagers with brief handles. Because most of the vibrations come from the dolphin’s head, this makes it easy for the user to locate the hurting vibrations on their back. Start by keeping the massager for about five minutes on the sore muscle and then allowing the massager rest for another five minutes. For those experiencing back pain in more than one spot, switch between spots every five minutes. Repeat as needed until the muscle pain or tension eases.

How to Use a Dolphin Massager to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Using a dolphin massager to relieve shoulder pain is slightly distinct from using it to treat back pain. To begin with, position the massager’s head on top of the shoulder. Slowly migrate down the massager over the muscle as a whole. Use light pressure to assist the muscles pierce and relax the vibrations. Because shoulder muscles are often very hard, it operates best for many individuals to discover a greater velocity setting. Repeat for 10 to 15 minutes in this phase and then rest for at least 20 minutes. This enables the muscles to relax and recover from the vibrations and also helps to prevent the massager from getting too warm.

How to Use a Dolphin Massager to Relieve Head and Neck Pain

Massagers with dolphins are good to relieve head and neck pain. They have a big enough surface area to supply vibrations to the entire back of the throat at once, unlike some smaller neck massagers. By mildly shifting the massager up to where the throat and head meet, the head can also be softly massaged. Some individuals use this method to relieve headaches of tension while relieving their muscles. Put the massager’s head in the middle of the throat and move it gently in a circular motion over the sore region to massage the neck alone. Do this at a moment for up to 15 minutes before 20 minutes of rest.

How to Use a Dolphin Massager to Relieve Leg Pain

Some of the most prevalent complaints from individuals who are physically active are sore quadriceps and calf muscles. Massagers of dolphins operate very well as massagers of the legs and are perfect to massage these two muscle groups. Start with the dolphin massager at the top of the muscle near the hips to massage the quadriceps and move it gently down until it hits the knee. Repeat this process at a time for a maximum of 15 minutes. Start with the dolphin massager in the center of the calf to massage the calves and gently push it out in an oval pattern until it reaches the calf’s tip. Repeat the inverse method and push the massager inwards towards the middle of the calf.

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