• Thermostatic expansion valve Danfoss TE2

    Brand: Danfoss,

    Origin : Denmark

    ৳  12,000.00
  • ৳  5,200.00
  • ৳  1,300.00
  • ৳  2,600.00
  • Samwon Eng Temperature & Humidity Controllers SU103S

    1. Precision Control: The SU103S offers precise temperature control, ensuring stability in industrial processes.
    2. User-Friendly Interface: It features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to set and adjust temperature parameters.
    3. Versatile Application: Suited for a wide range of applications, from manufacturing to environmental control, thanks to its flexibility.
    4. Robust and Durable: Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, the SU103SR is known for its durability and reliability.
    5. Cost-Efficient: This temperature controller provides cost-efficient temperature management, contributing to energy savings and product quality.
    ৳  2,700.00
  • -12%
    ৳  11,500.00৳  13,000.00

    Refrigerant Gas Arkema Forane R410a 11.3 kg

    ৳  11,500.00৳  13,000.00
  • -3%
    ৳  15,500.00৳  16,000.00

    Refrigerant Gas Honeywell R-134 13.6Kg

    ৳  15,500.00৳  16,000.00
  • Temperature Controller Digital West 6100+

    Dual setpoints with optional remote selection
    Plug-in output modules allow installing just the functions needed
    Expanded user-selectable operator modes
    User-selectable plug-and-play output cards
    Process and loop alarms
    Adjustable hysteresis
    Optional analogue Remote Setpoint Input
    Optional 10V SSR driver
    Improved Windows PC configuration software
    Improved easy to use HMI
    Jumperless input configuration
    Auto-hardware recognition
    Faster communication speeds
    More security options
    Backward compatible panel cut out, housing and terminal wiring capability

    ৳  12,500.00
  • Temperature Controller Autonics TCN4S-24R

    • Product Name: Autonics TCN4S-24R Temperature Controller
    • Model: TCN4S-24R
    • New low voltage models: 24VAC 50/60Hz, 24-48VDC
    • Advanced PID control algorithm and 100ms sampling speed
    • Built-in option to choose between relay or SSR outputs
    • Compact design and large display panels for better viewing
    • Dual digital display: TCN
    • Display: Economical Dual Display
    • Dimensions: 48 x 48 mm
    • Brand : AUTONICS
    ৳  5,500.00
  • R23 Refrigerant Gas

    ASHRAE Number R-23
    IUPAC Chemical Name Trifluoromethane
    Molecular Formula CHF3
    CAS Registry Number/ Blend Name 75-46-7
    Atmospheric Lifetime 270